Your Vote is Our Voice – Strong Voter Overpowers the Influence of Big Money in politics!

LET’S MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Enjoy the fulfillment that comes from knowing you are helping to make history, and building a better America. 1042703_1280x720

So many have fought and died to grant us the right to vote, we must actively exercise our civic right, No matter your color, creed or political affiliation, we encourage you to join us in early voting, as the people who make up the 100% need to come together and take over our democracy. We must stop the practice that divides us, favors some of us over others, and tears apart the fabric of our community. Diversity is the OBJECTIVE.

Vote: Strong Voter overpowers the influence of big money in politics. Dollars can’t vote, YOU CAN.

Encourage others to Vote: when we encourage other people to vote, we make sure that the voice of the people are heard. Urge and help others to vote.

Hold Candidate Responsible: When we demand that candidates commit to politics that benefit the 100%, we can hold them accountable when they are elected. When the people vote, POLITICIANS LISTEN.

A final Plea: Vote. Too many of us don’t vote, including our adult kids. With less than month before the election, call the campaign offices in your hometown and ask them “what is your position on America’s role in the world?” Remind them that most citizen including you support global development and diplomacy because it’s the right thing and the smart thing to do. Despite all the dysfunction in Washington, I still believe citizen voices make a difference.

If you haven’t register do it today, find your State Registration Link:

In Solidarity!

Radwan Chowdhury

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