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Radwan Chowdhury – Time to Say Goodbye!!!
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Time to Say Goodbye!!!

Fellow Community Members and Board of Directors Asslamualikum Wa Rahmatullah.:

It is with grateful of good citizenship, personal privilege and an honor to serve as a member of the Board, more importantly it is a responsibility to fulfill the aspirations of those who elected us, only to please Allah (SWT).

During my time with the Islamic Center of Orange Park (ICOPFL), I worked with a great deal of passionate, commitment, and determination to always lead by example while serving Allah (SWT), representing the Board and the organization. I will miss the ICOP, my colleagues, friends, and members of the non-for-profit community. I thank each and every one of you for your dedication, willingness to fight, and for your sacrifice. THANK YOU.

My goal was to help transform ICOP into a well-governed and leading organization in our community, which will combine the expertise of professional with volunteerism of community members to promote peace and harmony not only in our Muslim community but community at large.

Time has come to an end and to say good bye, as I have fulfilled my 2 terms as Board of Directors of ICOP, I have always try to accomplish the goal that was set by the board and the majority community members. To continue the work I would like to request you to vote for the following members and here is why:

Brother Monirul Haque (Ripon), Chemical Engineer by profession, he has been on the board and took the lead to stablish new prayer in our Vacant land, if he is not reappointed that project will suffer as he built relationship with contractor and city. Community so aggressively supported that project and we are almost done with logistic to get the ground running. In addition, he has been active board of directors and raised substantial amount of funds from the community for both of the project, I know he will continue to support ICOP regardless of the outcome of election, in any case he is an asset to the organization.

Brother, Tafish Islam, Physician by profession, many of you know him as he delivers Friday Khutba some time, he is from Egypt and currently we have no representation from that region. One of our soft bylaws policy is we must have diversity and we should try our very best not to have more than 3 people from one country and currently we already have 3 representations from Pakistan. This is just my personal appeal and opinion, all of the nominee are equally qualified, and may Allah (SWT) reward them all for their service.

Since Elected, I have worked closely with the Board and Alhamdulillah we have almost 15 acres’ land paid in full for future ICOP, in addition we have current Masjid that is also almost paid off with exception to very small personal loan. We have strengthened the board and built stronger lasting community. Built strong relationship with news media and local law enforcement to stay vigilant. Appointed a full-time Imam and stablished 5 times prayer. Increased and retain membership and monthly automatic donations. It is with such aspirations I continue to advocate for what is best for the house of Allah (SWT) and for the community.

While leaving the Board, I remain committed to promoting mutual understanding. Through my personal blog, philanthropic work and advocacy, I will continue to speak truth to power and advocate for reforms that will allow Justice and Equality for all communities to harmonize the values of their faith with the demands of modernity. In furthering this mission, I remain open to assisting in any capacity.

Differences are assets that make us better learners, teachers, scholars, and community members. If during the course of my tenure as a Board member, I have inadvertently hurt you or your feelings, I ask for your forgiveness.

In Solidarity,
Radwan Chowdhury

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