Too Many have fought and died to guarantee our rights to vote!

Early voting began in FL and many County started last Friday. Voting is your civic right, too many have fought and died to guarantee our rights to vote. Together we can ensure that right has been exercised properly. Let’s VOTE and VOTE EARLY.

53 years since Dr. Martin Luther King said to the AFL CIO that the only voting bloc that could transform America would be for blacks and labor and poor whites and Latinos and Asians to learn how to work together, so let’s work together, Let’s VOTE and VOTE EARLY.

Each of us have the duty as a community leader and member of various organizations, encourage your members to go out and vote. Remember, every vote counts and your vote can make a huge difference not only for you, for your family and the community but for our children and grandchildren’s future.

In the past several months, many of YOU met most of the candidates through various community events heard their agenda, what they are promising to do and bring to their office if elected, regardless of your party affiliation or non,.


With almost 600,000 Asian Americans in the state of Florida, we could become a king-maker in the important races. Together we will be strong. Together we will be able to build politically influential organizations like AIPAC (the Jewish PAC), to exert a powerful proactive voice for all Asian Americans.

My primary strategy is to educate our community on how to be effective politically and help lead an effective bloc vote that delivers desired results. I’m committed to empowering ALL Hyphenated American community politically through a swing bloc vote. By engaging in the democratic process through a united vote, only way we can advance our quest of equal opportunity and justice for all by helping politicians who share our rightful concerns are willing to work to redress them.

Remember “Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something.” Please contribute and help us to recruit more members. Enjoy the fulfillment that comes from knowing you are helping to make history, and building a better America.

Thank You!

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