Justice Sri Srinivasan Nomination by Radwan Chowdhury

My Fellow Asian Americans (AsAms):

It has been long I wrote to you about issues that deeply maters to AsAms.

Urging all AsAms and all AsAms organizations to call Senator Mitch McConnell @ (202) 224-2541 or (502) 582-6304, to submit Sri’s nominations to the full senate for vote. Having an Asian American Supreme Court Justice would substantially decrease the possibility that AsAms become the scapegoat in hard times.

It is not about republican or democrats, or independent or no party affiliates; it is about what is right. The shocking extent of discrimination and inequality that Asian Americans have endured for two centuries is well documented. They are not going to go away quickly no matter how fervently we wish, or how gently we “persuade” our lawmakers to redress them.

Josh Holmes, Chief of Staff for Senate majority leader Senator McConnell jus lied in National TV (CNN) claiming that the clear tradition for 80 years has been not to appoint or to confirm a Supreme Court justice during a lame duck term (last year in office). He was sloppy about this, he used lame duck term as meaning the same thing as election year.

All Republicans need to read the article written by Senator McConnell in 1970 which clearly demanded that the Senate should have no role to play in confirmation other than verifying credentials. McConnell said that politics and issues should not be considered by the Senate but that politics and issues should be considered by the President so WHAT Changed Senator Mitch McConnell? In addition, Senator just for your loss of memory President Regan appointed Justice Kennedy to the supreme court in last year of his presidency. #FactCheck

Sri Srinivasan, 48, born in India, and a D.C. Circuit Court Judge, has been mentioned often as a possible nominee. It will be a very smart move by President Obama for reasons to be explained later.

Why is Sri a likely nominee?

A nominee to the Supreme Court needs Senate approval, which involves partisan interests and ideological differences. The Republicans in control of the Senate don’t want to approve an Obama nominee, because, after the election, it could be a Republican President nominating a very conservative justice.

Why nominate Sri then? It’ll be very difficult for the Senate Republicans to refuse to look at Sri’s nomination by filibustering. Why?

  1. Sri clerked for former Justice Sandra Day 0’Conner, a Republican, and
  2. Sri was confirmed by the Senate, less than 3 years ago, by a unanimous vote of 97-0.
  3. Sri’s nomination makes it difficult for the Senate Republicans to flip-flop.

Why Is It Such a Smart Move for President Obama?

If Sri wins the Senate’s approval, it’ll be a win for Obama most importantly for All Asian Americans. If Sri’s nomination is filibustered by the Senate Republicans, which seems certain, it’ll drive a wedge between the Republican presidential and congressional candidates and AsAm voters in an election year. It is still a win for Democrats.

Sri will be the 1st Asian American (AsAm) Supreme Court Justice to make history.

When Sri was nominated as a Circuit Court 3 year ago, there was much talk that his nomination will be blocked by the Senate Democrats then in control.

Together, let us recommit to embracing the diversity that enriches our Nation and to ensuring all our people have an equal chance to succeed in the country we love. This is an election year make your vote count and your voice heard.

Thank You!

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