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Radwan Chowdhury – ISLAM is Perfect and Peaceful!
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ISLAM is Perfect and Peaceful!

ISLAM is Perfect and Peaceful, I’m NOT, If I Make a Mistake Blame it on me, NOT on my RELIGION! Beautiful-Islamic-Quotes-2015 (2)

We all saw recent genocide by Buddhist extremist, but we don’t hold or call the entire religion for that because we all know, it is only handful of extreme individual who don’t represent the Buddhism, similar to KKK, we didn’t blame the entire religion of Christianity for their act of horrific past of our country’s history, as we all know history of Nazi and their holocaust for my fellow human being of Jews again we don’t hold the entire religion of Protestant or Catholic for some individual hateful act, so why would you not call them terrorist instead you want to level as MUSLIM.

I fight against anti-Semitism every single day, as I do against all forms of bigotry and racism. NO religion in this world supports killing of innocent people and NOTHING justifies terrorism. Terrorism has no race or religion, it is carried out by a bunch of hateful, heartless morons who have no conscience and are determined to spared fear and hate.

Read the facts I posted here since 80’s. This is exactly what those hateful people wants you to do and people are playing in to their hands, STOP.

Why do you think people around the world are pouring support for MUSLIMS including all faith leaders and people from all walks of life (in U.S.A, I saw Mayors, Governors, Senators, Congress, City Council Members are visiting Masajids, making statements of good work of Muslims denouncing Trump statement), it is not political because they firmly believe and witnessed the genericity of Muslims around the world, social and community services Muslims around the world are providing to their own respective communities? I’m hopeful goodness of humanity will prevail, I’m hopeful hateful people like Donald Trump and others like him will understand the goodness and see the kindness of 1.6 Billion Muslim around the world. Few handful and hateful individual can’t hijack the goodness of 1.6 Billion Muslim and my Religion. I have many many many and many good friends who are Jews, Christian, Protestant, Catholic, non-believers and so on as many Muslim around the world does. ALLL religion teaches to be kind to your neighbors, help the helpless do good deed and don’t harm your fellow human benign.

Peace is the cornerstone of ISLAM, here is the simple 6 Quran Quotes That Teach Love, Tolerance and Freedom of Religion.

America is and always will be LAND of IMMIGRANTS, those who is speaking out loud to Ban immigrants, they are bigot and ignorant as they forgot where they came from, they forgot their past.

I’m Jus’ Sayin’!!!

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