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  • Recipient of President’s “Call to Service Award” by President Barak Obama
  • Young Sports Team Achievement Award
  • Participated in a 3 days International Conference on “AID Development” in Washington, DC
  • Participated in a joint symposium on “Social Development, Justice, Equality and Peace”
  • Nominated by Senator Bill Nelson of Florida for distinguished individuals who have demonstrated a commitment to excellence in their carriers and exemplary leadership within the communities
  • Winner of 2009 Princeton Premier
  • Winner of 2005 Seminar on Principal of Leadership, from effectiveness to greatness by Luminary Series
  • Recognized for lifelong support and ongoing contribution to Conserving North America’s Natural Wetlands Habitat
  • Awarded and placed on “Wall of Tolerance” by National Campaign for Tolerance
  • Awarded by National Youth Sports Coaches Association for outstanding support and contribution to “Just Say No International” and American Drug Free Team
  • Participated in International Symposium of the Inter-University Consortium for South Asia Development
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