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“Shubo Nabo Barsho” ~ Bengali New Year

(Bengali: নববর্ষ Nôbobôrsho (from Sanskrit Navavarsha=New Year) or Poela Boishakhi (পহেলা বৈশাখ Pôela Boishakhi or পয়লা বৈশাখ Pôela Boishakhi or Pohela Boishakhi, from Sanskrit= Pohela Vaisakhi) is the first day of the Bengali calendar, celebrated in both Bangladesh and West…

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“We can’t do everything but Everyone can do something”

My personal vision for my life is that I want to become a writer whose words become weapons to battle with violence and discrimination against improvised children’s, women and young girls. My voice is important for the voiceless who endure…

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