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  • Council Member for “Jacksonville Public Service Grants Commission” Appointed by the Mayor of Jacksonville and Confirmed by City Council
  • Chairman of the Board “Mayor Asian American Advisory Board” Appointed by the Mayor Alvin Brown of Jacksonville, FL
  • Founder and President of Asian American Alliance
  • Founding member and President of National Asian American PAC-FL
  • Chief Executive Director of Communication and Fundraising, “Climate Change Mitigation Foundation”
  • Advisor, Organization for Disability Development Foundation (ODD)
  • Board of Director, GlobalJax
  • Elected Committeeman for Congressional District 4-P5, Duval County
  • Elected Treasurer, Duval County DCDEC
  • President Obama’s Fellow, Vetted and Appointed by OFA
  • Founding Member, MLK Monument “Build The Dream”, Washing, DC
  • Founding Member and Secretary, Chyonika Shilpo Ghosty
  • Honorary lifetime member of, Asian American Muslim Association of Palm Beach
  • Mentor for “Beyond School of Wall” program by Big Brother and Big Sisters partnered with Mayor of Jacksonville, FL
  • Chief Advisor, Saia Neid Housing Society
  • Member, World Affairs Council of Jacksonville
  • Member, Justice Coalition
  • Member, Indo-USA Chamber of Commerce
  • Founding Member and Joint Secretary, ICOP
  • Member & Former Board Member, ICNEF
  • Founding Member of ICPB
  • Life time member, of NAHC
  • Member, Asian American Justice Center
  • Member, Academy of American Poets
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