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Radwan Chowdhury – 40 Years of Democracy
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40 Years of Democracy

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” – Declaration of Independence, December 16, 1971. Thus began our democracy, which gives each one of us the right to choose our public officials. Voting is one of the most important rights and responsibilities that we have as citizens. It is a right that many of our loved one had to give their lives for. It is right that many people around the world are deprived of. But sadly our democracy is hijacked by few families and in the name of democracy they are running PORIBAR TONTRO.

At a time when you have to ban political talk from dinner, when yelling and interrupting make for good TV, when lying and deception make for effective political campaigning and when country is taken over by corrupt politician, hateful trolls, how can we even talk about important public issues and development of country? And if we can’t do that, how can we progress as a democratic society and community?

The history of our country is a history that can’t be found on any other country. We have evolved, innovated, and overcome the major challenges in history. Our genius throughout has been its ability to renew our promise to provide citizens the opportunity for a better life – and though our own history isn’t perfect, the mission of every citizen should be to make that promise a reality. In this big picture we are the small drop of blood, and with all of your help we shell rise to true democracy for which our loved one gave their blood and lives.

Yes, our road is longer—but we travel it together. We don’t turn back from those who are incapable. We leave no one behind. We pull each other up. That is the value must share as a citizen. I believe we are all in it together is far better philosophy than you on your own. To become all that they are capable of being and to contribute fully to building a better and stronger Bangladesh. This is not mere injustice; it is detrimental to our nation. It deprives Bangladesh as a nation of a full measure of the industrious perseverance, technological ingenuity, and job creating entrepreneurship.  In our Quest for Equality and Justice, their deaths must not be in vain.  Therefore, to passionately champion our civil rights is a patriotic duty that we all must bear. 

Bangladeshi have long endured an ignominious history of suffering and discrimination from February 1952 and December 1971.  As a result, Bangladeshi has been denied the same equal opportunity that the richer and corrupt politician enjoy, if we don’t put citizens civil rights issues front, center and foremost in our political processes then who will? Even setting aside the compelling patriotic duty, there remains our moral duty to future generations.  The ONLY way we can unshackle our children and grandchildren for this grievous history of injustice is to use our bloc movement to actively support those politicians willing to redress these issues, and to defeat those who (through action or inaction) choose to continue the oppression. It is a NECESSARY thing to do, the right thing to do, and it is the patriotic thing to do.

The best way we can join hands to serve our community, and fulfill our moral obligation and civic duty to help build a better nation, is to champion an end to discrimination so that ALL people can have an equal opportunity to attain the Dream. At the end of this Civil Rights Rainbow, is a better, more abundant Bangladesh for all.

Please do your part NOW for the innocents citizens of Bangladesh for their Civil rights Movement. We stand on the shoulders of those giants who made Bangladesh better from East Pakistan, ONE issue at a time and it is our time to liberate once again from corrupt PORIBAR TONTRO politicians.

We believe that it is only by organizing ourselves into a cohesive group that we will become a force to be reckoned with. It is through political empowerment that our voices will be heard and respected. We urge you all to join us and give them a voice to those who doesn’t and can’t raise their. Together we are strong; our voice will be loud and proud, and together we can make it better world.

If WE want to harvest the fruits of your labor, WE must plant the seedling today. And If WE want financial security and equality, WE must invest in POLITICAL POWER now!

All major political party leaders (AwamiLeag, BNP, Jamat, Jatio Party etc) in Bangladesh is corrupted and all of their minister and MP’s are worse of all. They have led the country in wrong direction for past 42 years

If they have little bit of concerns about Bangladesh and citizens of the Bangladesh they will not call for any hortal and all party is as guilty as others, 100s of innocence people die, millions of dollars loss, millions of dollar property loss, why is hortal? What is the outcome of hortal? Can Hortal be band by constitution regardless of issue?

Care taker government must be present prior to election any party who is not willing to acknowledge that should band by the constitution

Constitution should be amended to address before election each of the candidate must go for debate professionally, constitution must be amended to address candidate must have education (real graduation not one those degree they buy as commodity as they have many times)

Government never took any responsibility for their fail action. Why government is not taking responsibility of garments factory fire in Chittagong (Tazreen Factory) and bringing the charges to careless owner of that factory, he/she should be in jail by now. Subcontractor International Intimates’ should be fined and canceled their license to business in Bangladesh. “I don’t understand why Walmart is spending so much time focusing on trying to claim that they didn’t know that work for Walmart was being done in this factory when Walmart should be focusing on trying to insure decent compensation for the families and to prevent future fires in its supply chain.

Tourism is suffering in Bangladesh and government and ministry is complete failure to address the issue and safety of the tourist

All party leaders must have dialog in open forum with public access, so they can strategizes and plan for the countries future

Elected party should encourage qualified leaders from outside of Bangladeshi (Bangladeshi leaving aboard) and appoint them to ministry, over 30% of country’s total budget comes from foreign soil and many people who loves the country more then past 40 years leadership does



Long live Bangladesh.

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